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Subject: Re: [CR]A Really Stupid Track Bike Question
Date: Sat, 18 Oct 2003 16:44:35 +1000
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Well here is what I made -

I gave it the name "Fugly" because it is fixed and ugly. I owe everyone on CR an apology since I have disgraced this list with a very unvintage bike. It is not a Raleigh as I first thought, it is a Repco. An Australian brand that was/is made in Taiwan. It is a lugged steel though.

So here are the facts about it, 165mm? steel crankset with a swaged on 52T chainring. The wheels are salvaged from another bike are unknown 27" rims on unknown hubs, with the rear hub having a Shimano 14T cog screwed on in place of the freewheel and locked down with a lockring. My total expense was $3.20AU for rim tape.

It is the most fun you can have on 2 wheels. Yes, it is geared high at 100 inches, but does it ever move. With no brakes at all, it is a trick to control going downhill, I found out. I am thinking that since I am supposed to be a responsible adult, I may add a front brake.

Unfortunately, I think I am hooked,

P. Lynn Miller
Sydney, Australia

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> Hi Lynn,
> Yes, a track bike has what is called a fixed gear, meaning exactly what you
> surmised: the pedals keep turning. This poses
> some problems in the corners, as you cannot take them in the same angles as
> you would on a road bike. Worst case
> scenario is you pedal hits the road and ouch! Usually track cranks are not
> longer than 167.5 although there are 170s
> around.
> What is important on a track bike is that the drop-outs are straight so you
> can get the right tension on the chain. Other
> than that: Don't stop your legs! You will be removed from your bike over the
> bars from your own momentum. not fun!
> It't be interesting to see what you make.
> ride on,
> kim
> berlin, germany