Re: [CR]Head lug extensions_ standover height and fit

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Subject: Re: [CR]Head lug extensions_ standover height and fit
Date: Tue, 21 Oct 2003 09:22:59 -0700


My posture also necessitates a higher handlebar. I'm presently using a 60 cm c-t Richard Sachs, with a 13 mm spacer in the Chris King headset. RS built the fork with the threads raised (longer steering tube) to safely allow this. A Nitto Pearl 12 stem (measures 13 cm) gives me about 5mm higher handlebar placement than a Cinelli 1/A.

Also, look at the angle of the handlebars above the brake levers. The Nitto Noodle bar has a 15 degree angle, which will also raise the brake levers higher. Other bars are typically 24 degrees. You can do the trigonometry and guesstimate the difference between your bar and others.

The vintage bars are ususally limited in their variety of specs. The modern bars have a significantly greater choice in reach, drop and the height.

If you want a modern bar which is high and short, try the 3ttt Morphe. The Modolo Curvissima series is similar in a bigger size.

Andrew Gillis (Long Beach, CA)