[CR]Old Paramount help needed.

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From: "Art Smith" <ahsmith49@cox.net>
To: <classicrendezvous@bikelist.org>
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Date: Tue, 21 Oct 2003 17:42:45 -0700
Subject: [CR]Old Paramount help needed.

Recently, I decided to liguidate my collection of bikes and parts, choosing to put my energy and money into some personal projects. I had an older Schwinn hanging tank bike that I picked up for $100. I figured I could get more for it pretty easily. It was complete, original. I tend to resell things for what I paid for them, but I lost some money on a couple of bikes so I figured I'd see what I could get. An old guy came over to my house and wanted the Schwinn. He said he had an old Paramount he'd trade for it. I wanted to cash out my bike, not just trade, but I told him I'd look at it. He drove home, got the bike and returned. Now, in my head, I thought I was done with bikes. Or at least that was what I thought until I saw what the guy had. I traded the guy straight across. I don't know if lost on the deal, but the Paramount takes up less space. Here's what I go . Serial # 138 The 8 looks like a 6, but that seems impossible according to the Waterford sit. Schwinn scripted drop bars, crank (early 3 pin), Major Taylor adj stem, high flange hubs. Weinmann rims (seems too new to be correct Has old style Paramount transfer on down tube and circle transfer Chrome Molybdenum with AS in the middle as on Waterford site. The Cantilever labeled clamp on front brake, and 50's style scripted brake in rear Fork and rear brace are not drilled for brakes 3 speed rear cog. I can't identify the rear derailleur, but it is the older style 3 jockey wheel style with the long screen door type spring. The top tube mounted shifter has no identifying marks on it. Pedals and clips are as old as anything I've seen before. Braze on fender mounts on the fork and rear stays.

Any clues as to what I might have? Would it have had a rear cantilever clamp on brake or just a front one? Can I find one of these? Brake levers are not correct. Anyone know what it would have taken? Any thoughts?

When I came in the house, having missed dinner because of the deal I was doing. My wife remarked that she thought I'd given up collecting bikes. I have, I answered. I was just doing a trade.

Art Smith