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Date: Tue, 21 Oct 2003 21:45:47 -0400
Thread-Topic: Chesini
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From: "Bingham, Wayne R." <WBINGHAM@imf.org>
To: <classicrendezvous@bikelist.org>
Subject: [CR]Chesini

With all the talk about Chesini, I thought I'd re-examine and describe the one I have hanging in the shop. The one I have is an Olimpiade model, but different than either of the one's in the catalog scans on Mark Bulgier's site. There are some interesting details, but at the same time it's not super refined. I suspect that it's early 80's vintage. It is finished in metallic red (not over chrome), with chrome chain stays, drop-outs and a fully chrome fork. Lugs look like they might be Prugnat. They are thinned, but not nearly as clean and precise as the lugs on my Stan Pike, also of the same era. There are Olympic rings engraved in the upper and lower head tube lugs, the seat lug, and the top eyes. The head tube is also engraved with "Chesini Olimpiade" and the same cluster of 5 Olympic rings. All the engraving is filled in white, except the semi-sloping fork crown which has "Olimpiade" and the rings, as well as two small holes in the crown points, filled in black. The down tube decals say "Chesini" and "3 volte campione del mondo". The frame was interesting and different enough for me to pick it up and stick it in the basement, but I don't really have a plan for it yet. Since the Cirque theme next year is Italian, I'll be sure to drag it along. I can also try and post some pix is there is any interest.

Time to start thinking Italian.

Ciao -

Wayne Bingham
Falls Church VA