Nectar of the Gods Re: Changing subject lines, Coca Cola, CONI (was: [CR]Can You Tell Me About CONI

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Subject: Nectar of the Gods Re: Changing subject lines, Coca Cola, CONI (was: [CR]Can You Tell Me About CONI
Date: Wed, 22 Oct 2003 06:41:17 -0700
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It may have been invented in Atlanta ... but it was first bottled in my hometown of Chattanooga, Tennessee ...

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Subject: Changing subject lines, Coca Cola, CONI (was: [CR]Can You Tell Me

About CONI
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> writes:
> Dan Artley says in reference to the CONI cycling book:
> "This was back when coca cola was an energy drink."
> Pssst, Dan - it still is <g>. If you get to Cirque this year ask my
> significant other how he survived PBP and other brevet events. He
> swears by the stuff. The last time I was bonky and nauseous during
> some awful Southern summer ride, I let him twist my arm - and well,
> carbonated sugar water fixed me right up. Not too cold, sipped
> slowly. It was a lot easier to tolerate then a warm energy drink
> the color of a neon mid 80s bicycle...
> I seem to remember reading about the TDF riders smoking a cigarette
> before a stage to "open up the lungs." Hopefully not advice found
> in the CONI book <g>.
> Ann Phillips, Decatur GA
> While many of us are are were cocaholics and I enjoy tales of rides ,
> drinks, and the nectar from Georgia, I still have that pervasive
> request: can we change the subject line? I know, CONI's in there and
> I happen to have enjoyed the posting, but look at mine, it sways
> with the tide. Til the snow really hits, I've got a tight schedule
> and would like to be able to select the titles to read first- I have
> followed the CONI thing and was most interested in it.
> By the way- we favored coca cola syrup in a small squeeze flask
> (like the ones for a jersey pocket used these days for filling and
> carrying filled from cheaper bulk Gu, honey, or other gels) The
> syrup was available in the 70's (maybe still is) from the patent
> medicine area of the drugstores and was easy to carry and administer
> with as much water from the bottle as needed.
> We usually carried just water in many cases so we could spritz the
> face if needed. additives were added when needed.
> Thanks in advance for the subject line changes, all.
> Larry Black
> Mt Airy, Md.