[CR]re: for sale rules

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Date: Wed, 22 Oct 2003 14:04:02 -0700 (GMT-07:00)
From: chasds@mindspring.com
To: classicrendezvous@bikelist.org
Subject: [CR]re: for sale rules

Bob Reid wrote, in part:

"In both instances, you determine a starting price, and you bid up to as far as you can afford (or not afford !) based on a description and prices. His pictures were no worse than many seen on eBay, so you contact the guy and establish the corrrect condition and any additional information - just like ebay."


I realize this has probably now been addressed and we should move on.

But, I just can't help pointing out that Bob does not mention the key difference between ebay and any other "informal" auction.

How do I know the fellow selling a classic bike via an informal auction isn't simply lying to me about what he's been bid for something?

Or, more likely, someone may have "bid" a certain amount for something, but may have no intention of following through...then I'm encouraged to meet the bid of someone who never intended to buy in the first place.

The ways in which this kind of thing can go wrong are many.

I'm sure this happens all the time, and I personally know of instances of same.

On ebay, by contrast, everyone can see what everyone else is bidding. The auction is out in the open. And all bidders are obligated to buy. Sure, they can bail, but there are consequences to that.

With an informal auction, there's no way to know what the truth is.

And, yes, there is shill-bidding on ebay, but even that is visible, to the astute ebay-er, and not all that common in any case.

Charles Andrews
Los Angeles