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Subject: Re: [CR]Roval Wheels ???
Date: Wed, 22 Oct 2003 22:39:54 -0500

Nope , nope .

It's extremely easy to show on a piece of paper , with two or three simple drawings . It would only require a minute and a half to explain .

It's very difficult to explain through written words ( and without waving my hands in the air , while I talk ) .

But , each spoke is the same . Each spoke can go in either side of the hub . ( although I suppose that's not really true of the rears , with radial on one side , but still the only difference is length ) . And , each spoke can be fitted with either side facing forward .

The head of each spoke is roughly "T" shaped .

( actually if you look closely , it's simply a regular spoke , which was allowed to remain straight , never bent , never had the "elbow" bend put in near the head - and then the straight spoke had its head smashed roughly flat , which is how that "T" shape was created )

So , the head of each spoke is a "T" .

Each spoke is fitted into the flange by turning the "T" perpendicular to the flange , inserting it in through a slot , and then finally twisting the spoke 90 degrees .

That final twist of the spoke turns the "T" so that it can not fit back out through the slot in the flange .

As long as tension remains on the spoke , it's stuck in place .

To remove the spoke , simply un-screw the nipple , twist the spoke 90 degrees , and slide it back out through the slot .

No problem !

( and sorry about so many typing mistakes on the last posting )

Raoul Delmare
Marysville Kansas

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Subject: [CR]Roval Wheels ???

> Raoul wrote
> "Each spoke had a sharp edge , and a blunt edge
> .
> Each spoke was actually
> "tear-drop" shaped !! Which of course meant
> that each spoke should
> properly have a leading edge , and a trailing
> edge .
> -----------
> Wouldn't that mean that there must be 2 different
> types/orientations of spokes for
> each side of the wheel......and that thr front
> wheel had always to be put into the bike in the
> same direction for the proper aero effect??
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