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May have been earlier. Shortly before he build up an ALAN SuperRecord for me with all Zeus 2000, Jack Moran of City Cycles in Little Rock, AR, showed me a Playboy article titled "High Buck Bikes" or something similar. His interest was in a gold plated Colnago, as Jack sold Colnagos. Maybe he even had a gold plated one. I bought the ALAN in 1981, so the atricle would have been before then. Of course the Weigle could have been in a different later article.


Jerry Moos
Hosuton, TX

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> Does anyone know the month and year of the Playboy magazine that had the article and pictures of Peter Weigle's bicycle? I think it may have been 1985. Also, the same bike was in Bicycling magazine, "The Dream Makers" about the same time. John Pergolizzi showed the actual bike at Cirque in 2002. Lou Deeter, Orlando FL