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Date: Fri, 24 Oct 2003 02:06:10 EDT
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I have a beautiful and near perfect Raleigh Professional stamped for 1974 (fastback lug) with a full 1973 Campy gruppo, and it too has AVA tubular rims. They are the only parts left, still needing polish since I acquired the leggy Mink Blue beauty. Anyone know offhand if these rims are likely original to the bike? If not, what were? Thanks...

Best regards, Mark Agree Southfield MI

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> Speaking of AVA rims I have a front wheel that was given to me over the
> summer; a non-eyeleted AVA tubular rim laced 3X with Robergel double butted
> (1.8/1.5mm stainless I think(?) no rust on them anyway) to a large flange
> Normandy hub. 800 grams total (pretty light). Perfectly true, and the label
> is in nice shape too, other than being a bit dusty and needing a good
> polishing, seems like a nice enough (if you don't mind the Normandy hub)
> wheel, although it was the first time I'd come across AVA rims.
> Does anyone know when they were generally available?
> David Bilenkey
> Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
> couple degrees below freezing tonight...:-(
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> >I've heard mixed things about the rims too. Way back when I knew the owner
> >of a Bob Jackson tandem who said they were the only sewup rim that worked
> >for him and otherwise I have heard stories of the rims cracking
> >too. I know
> >there are eyeletted and non-eyeletted versions and that could explain the
> >diverging views- any insights or opinions?

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> >Joe B-Z