[CR]Re: Can I find a BB axle to convert campy NR BB to a tripple?

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Date: Thu, 16 Oct 2003 09:39:29 -0400
Subject: [CR]Re: Can I find a BB axle to convert campy NR BB to a tripple?


If you were going to use older Campy Record arms as triples, you would not be able to use the original cups, because the spacing between the bearing surfaces was greater on the triple axle than on the doubles. However, the newer cranks tend to use shorter axles, so I wonder if you might not be able to put a modern triple arm on the older Record double axle and get away with it. Otherwise, I think you will have the best luck replacing the entire BB with the crank. Since bearing radius may be different for different bearings and manufacturers, mismatching cups and axles may damage the parts. Even putting together parts in the same product series that have different wear patterns can significantly shorten life. I would always recommend keeping used bearing sets together as matched sets. Better to sell the BB on eBay and buy the right one for the crank. You may even make some money on the deal.

Steve Barner, Bolton, Vermont

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Subject: [CR]Can I find a BB axle to convert campy NR BB to a tripple?
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A friend has an older Schwinn Paramount that he wants to convert to have a tripple crank. He wants to keep the Campy NR BB, and just wants to replace the axle with a longer one. He plans to use a more modern crank with it, I suspect non-campy.

Does anyone know what axle would be good for this and where to buy one?

Thanks in advance, Dan Kasha Salt Lake City - where a tripple can be useful at times.