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Date: Fri, 24 Oct 2003 14:43:56 EDT
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Another nice thing about the Phil is that there's no fixed cup or retainer (at least there wasn't years ago) ... the BB unit is held by floating retainers on either side allowing the whole assembly to move side to side. This not allows you to adjust for a perfect chainline with different brand cranks (any that share the same taper of course) but one can even use the same BB to swap between a double or triple (I did this for years on my PX-10 and it worked great).

Bob Hovey Columbus, GA

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Just call Phil Wood. Their just plain ol' the best.

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Subject: [CR]Can I find a BB axle to convert campy NR BB to a tripple?

> A friend has an older Schwinn Paramount that he wants to convert to have a tripple crank. He wants to keep the Campy NR BB, and just wants to replace the axle with a longer one. He plans to use a more modern crank with it, I suspect non-campy.
> Does anyone know what axle would be good for this and where to buy one?