Re: [CR]What kind of saddle??

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Subject: Re: [CR]What kind of saddle??
Date: Fri, 24 Oct 2003 22:07:21 -0400

Photos aren't loading apart from the tiny one in the upper right at the moment, but I'd say it is an Ideale 2003 saddle. Unicanitor clone with padded brown suede leather top. Sweet. Quite Peau Mousse.

Charlie Young
Honeybrook, PA

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Subject: [CR]What kind of saddle??

> Checking out this Columbine on ebay,
> says the saddle is a "Peau Mousse" leather. Checking on Babblefish,
> "peau mousse" translates from French as "skin foams". Is this right?
> Does this saddle make your skin foam (euugh!) or was it made from
> foaming skin (icck!)?
> Roy "foam on my beer" Drinkwater
> Lititz, PA