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Date: Sat, 25 Oct 2003 10:41:21 -0500

Wayne, the cheapest road model, at least as sold in the US, was the Olympic. Very plain lugs with no engraving, minimal decals. The main tubes were anodized in a variety of colors. This was still not a bad bike. I watched a Polish cyclist, named Kowalski I think, win the Amateur Road Race at the 1974 World Championships at Montreal on one of these. The Poles, and maybe some of the other East European teams, were also using ALAN's in the track events at those World Championships.

I have one example each of the two higher models, the Competition and the Super Record. I'm not familiar with the Sprint.

The Competition was silver anodized, with nicely engraved lugs. Decals were minimal, limited to one small round decal on the seat tube. The Super Record, unlike the others, has a complete decal set. Mine has black anodized main tubes, and other colors were available. Like the Competition, it has nicely engraved lugs.

There have been past threads in which some have advocated riding old ALAN frames with extreme caution, if at all, for fear of catastrophic failure due to aluminum fatigue. My wife and I have owned and ridden our ALANs for over twenty years with no problems at all.


Jerry Moos
Houston, TX

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> Hi all, I have owned 2 Alan frames over the years, I had to sell my last
> one to build my Klein. the 1st one was the cheapest model, can't remember
> what they were called. After a bad accident with a Mitsubishi and 6 weeks
> of work, 4 of them in hospital, I ended up with a Alan sprint, it was the
> only one available from the yearly shipment. Wow from lo end to top end,
> I owned it for close to 10 years, and after seeing an advert for Quantum
> frames and being a Klein fan I decided time for change.
> The Sprint frame was a slight improvement over the other Alan frame.
> They are comfortable to ride, mind you so is a Klein when you get used to
> it, and if you think a Klein is not comfortable try a Rigi.
> The Sprint was nicly finished, I never polished the lugs, but I did buy
> another set of decals, which are just a set of self adhesive stickers,
> cut out the indidual letters and stick to the frame, it did improve the
> looks, as the anodised tubes are semi gloss and the stickers full gloss,
> so they stick out a little.
> The only problem I ever had, and I used it every day for close on 10
> years was the bottom head lug cracked thru to the headset around the
> front. A quick front end dissmantle and a quick weld up, clean up and
> reaasemble later, and I rode it home. I always checked it every week
> after that and it never reappeared.
> If I ever had the chance to buy a second hand one cheap closet to home I
> probally would, make a nice sunday rider........regards wayne davidson
> Invers NZ........