[CR]Mavic Tubular Rims again "Red Label"

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Date: Fri, 31 Oct 2003 09:15:39 -0600
Subject: [CR]Mavic Tubular Rims again "Red Label"

Older Mavic tubular rims , for sew-up tires .

( I meant to get to this when Ann asked , a while ago . )

I don't know enough to really talk about them .

Some had washers .

Some had single eyelets .

Some had double eyelets .

Most had red labels .

Some were stock on Schwinn Paramounts in the early 1970's .


Look for date codes , stamped into the aluminum alloy .

The date codes are tiny . Not only are the numbers tiny , but they were also stamped quickly , and lightly . On many of the rims I've seen with date codes , some of the numbers are very difficult to read .

I just went and and fetched my little stash of rims .

Two came to me along with a one-owner Schwinn Paramount . The original owner stated they were the rims which came from the Schwinn factory . Here is what's on those two rims :

Double eyelets

Very light texturing of the brake surfaces - "knurled"

Two rectangular Mavic foil stickers . Both are red . One sticker has the MAVIC name spelled out in a golden diamond , with much smaller letters spelling out MARQUE DEPOSEE . The other sticker reads , "CHAMPIONNAT DU MONDE" .

The sticker with MAVIC on it , is used to cover the seam of each rim .

Stamped into the aluminum , very close to the stickers , are the words , " MAVIC MONTLERY MADE IN FRANCE "

Interestingly , on both rims , the "CHAMPIONNAT DU MONDE" sticker reads from the same side as the letters stamped into the metal . But the "MAVIC" sticker reads from the other side !

And one rim is dated , " 01 72 " ( it's not perfectly stamped , but I'm almost sure of the numerals ) .

The other is dated , " 03 72 " .

I have also managed to collect four other similar rims . Thanks to C. R. List-members !!

All have the same double eyelets .

All have light knurling . The pattern is different on one rim , a slightly larger , looser pattern . The pattern on the other three matches the pattern on the pair which came with the Paramount . So that's 5 of one pattern , and only 1 of another pattern .

All have the same two ( 2 ) foil stickers on each rim . All of the stickers read from the same direction , on each rim .

All have the same words stamped into the metal , except one rim with nothing stamped into the metal . By the way , this is NOT the same rim as the odd pattern of knurling .

Dates are ; 09 71 , 07 72 , ?? 73 , and one with none at all .

Of the three rims with something stamped into the aluminum alloy , two of them have the stickers facing the same direction as the stamped words and numbers . One of them has the stickers facing the opposite side .

And finally , I have a pair of old , slightly tired , wheels . The wheels have Normandy Competition hubs , and these same type of rims . Both have double eyelets . One has the common small knurling . The other has the larger , looser knurling . Both rims have the usual foil stickers . Both rims have the usual stamped letters in the metal . All of the stickers on both rims face the same side as the stamped letters .

Dates are ; 05 7? & 09 72 .

There you go . That's what I know .


Raoul Delmare
Marysville Kansas

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> I have some Mavic "Montherly" (I think I have that right) rims that date from
> 1972-74 that I got in 1980 as the rims on some used wheels. They had red
> labels on them, with the Mavic logo in gold. They were faded even then, and I
> think now that, after many miles, all that's left is the foil backing. Still
> round and true, and they polish up nice.


> Bob Oast

> Asheville, NC