Re: [CR]Cinelli Head Badge Again - Fake?

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Date: Fri, 31 Oct 2003 09:15:59 -0800 (PST)
From: dave martinez <>
Subject: Re: [CR]Cinelli Head Badge Again - Fake?
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Hello Steven and Fellow List Members,

Thank you Steven and Andrea for putting the final nail on the coffin and laying this thing to rest (hey, its halloween).

Best Wishes, Dave Martinez Fremont Nor. Cal. wrote: Mike asked:
> I know this has been discussed before but I don't know if a definitive
> answer was reached. There is one of those brass looking Cinelli head
> badges for sale on Ebay again:
> 319
> Has anyone ever seen a badge like this on a Cinelli and if so do they
> have proof ie a photo. I think it is a cheap knock off -- how come he has
> an unpainted one? When that one is painted is it the next to be on Ebay?
> It seems that they appearing on Ebay fairly frequently but not frequently
> enough that he wants to make it look like he has hundreds of them.
> Finally if they are fakes why were they made? I presume some went on
> bikes, maybe re badged Windsors?

This is a 100% guaranteed fake! There is no doubt whatsoever. I was 90% sure of the inaccuracy when I first outed the last of these badges, so I asked Cino's son Andrea who confirmed that it is a fake.

He wrote:

Non ho mai visto una targhetta simile. I HAVE NEVER SEEN SUCH A HEADBADGE

1. le targhette Cinelli venivano applicate sui manubri (40mm) e sui telai (50mm) e SONO TUTTE OVALI (non frastagliate) - ne possiedo ancora un centinaio (ovviamente originali e d'epoca) THE CINELLI BADGES WERE APPLIED TO THE FRAMES (50mm) AND STEMS (40mm) AND WERE ALL OVAL (NOT CUT OUT)- I STILL HAVE ABOUT ONE HUNDRED (OBVIOUSLY ORIGINAL AND VINTAGE) 2. lo scudo con l'elmo è su fondo BLU (e non oro) THE SHIELD WITH THE HELMET IS ON BLUE BASE (AND NOT GOLD)

3. la scritta "CINELLI" che attraversa lo scudo è in colore BLU (e non bianco) THE CINELLI SCRIPT THAT CROSSES THE SHIELD IS IN BLUE (NOT WHITE)

4. il fiore, il giglio che è l'emblema di Firenze, è su fondo BIANCO (e non giallo) THE FLOWER, THE LILY THAT IS THE EMBLEM OF FLORENCE, IS ON A WHITE BACKGROUND (NOT YELLOW)

Devo continuare con le differenze ?? (ce ne sono molte altre) DO I NEED TO CONTINUE WITH THE DIFFERENCES?? (THERE ARE MANY OTHERS)

Steven Maasland
Moorestown, NJ