Re: [CR]ebay warning, seller collalbo

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Subject: Re: [CR]ebay warning, seller collalbo
Date: Mon, 6 Oct 2003 08:09:03 -0700

This is old news with this seller. He seems to go several months without issues then abm, lots of complaints. I had an issue with him over a year ago, eventually it worked out, but I do not feel comfortable dealling with him. Garry Nold "More Itailian steel on it's way" Kent, WA

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From: Jun Nogami
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Subject: [CR]ebay warning, seller collalbo

> Folks:
> collalbo has a large number of vintage items for sale. Many are
> shipped from europe. I won an aunction for a Mavic FD, but almost two
> months from the close of the auction, he shipped me a Campy FD which
> I cannot use. Now no response on e-mail.
> In fairness to him, about 95% of his feedback is positive, but the
> deals that have gone wrong seem to have real problems. Shame. This
> is only the second of over 75 ebay transactions where I have had a
> problem.
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> Jun Nogami
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