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Date: Mon, 6 Oct 2003 19:53:57 -0500

You're right Eric, I just checked the Grand Record hanging in the garage, and it is half-chromed forks and painted stays. And I think you're right, the French pattern in the 70's was half-chromed forks and stays on top French-equiped pro models with all 531 DB, half-chromed forks only on models just one step down, usually 531DB mian tubes. No chrome either meant a lesser model or oddly, an all-Campy "Team Issue" model. Actually these often did have chromed dropouts, and my Motobecane Team Champion has a chromed fork crown (and Columbus tubing). Anyway, guess I was having a "senior moment".


Jerry Moos
Houston, TX

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> Dave,
> I know Jerry to be very knowledgable, especially about French bicycles but
> think that in his earlier post he may have (accidentally) switched the
> chrome stay/fork scheme in his reference to the Grand Record. My catalog
> along with the two I've owned and many that I've seen always had 1/2 chrome
> forks and no chrome on the rear stays. Not to say that the reverse never
> appeared, but I do not believe it was the norm and come to think of it, I've
> never seen any on topic bike with chromed stays but no chrome on the fork
> (except just the chainstay) - certainly many the other way around though
> with chromed forks but no chrome on the rear stays.
> Eric "being presumptuous of Jerry, I know he'll correct me if I misspoke"
> Elman
> Somers, CT
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> > Jerry - My '74 (or '73?) Grand Record has half chrome forks and painted
> > stays. I believe it's original paint since it's so "seasoned". The
> fellow
> > who sold me the frame said he bought the bike new in 1974 in California,
> and
> > has been the sole owner and never had it painted. Hmmmm - I wonder if our
> > French friends did things differently on individual frames?
> >
> > Dave Whitney