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Date: Tue, 07 Oct 2003 14:46:18 -0400
Subject: Re: Suggestion for Dale Re: [CR]Velo Pics
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I'm happy to volunteer to design and oversee production and printing of a CR calendar. Besides being a bike-a-holic, vintage and otherwise, I'm a graphic designer in my day job. We'd need high resolution photos for the best reproduction. (Don't know if Dale's images began as higher resolution before they were posted on the website.) Most likely this should be planned as a 2005 calendar (we're already a bit late for a 2004 project) and we can use the next 10 or so months to collect the best images. One of the calendars I did for a international client included English, Spanish and Japanese, which might be nice for the CR audience.


Fred Yavorsky Jenkintown, PA

on 10/7/03 1:46 PM, Raoul Delmare at wrote:
> I REALLY like the idea of a calendar !!
> Don't so much like the idea of a spoof .
> Things which seem funny at the time , may not be so funny when you stare at
> them for a whole month , starting a year and a half from now .
> But , I'd buy a bunch of calendars and give them away as presents !
> I'd be good for maybe a dozen my own self .
> I WISH somebody would put together a calendar !!
> And we might want to go with nostalgia , rather than with young models in
> skimpy swimsuits .
> Nostalgic clothing , settings , posters in the background , etc. , with
> fine & beautiful vintage cycles in the foreground , would sell to a much
> larger general audience .
> But , on the other hand , ya never know .
> HEY JAN !!!!
> :^)
> Raoul Delmare
> Marysville Kansas
> Dale and all
> After checking out the photos from the show, I was struck with an idea. I
> have a suggestion...a sick suggestion but a good one nonetheless...Do you
> remember the GT/Dyno Swimsuit calendar of a few years ago?? They featured
> the muscle bikes and hot rod remember that one everyone...admit
> it now, it was the one with the swimsuit models and hot rod cars!! I
> suggest we put together a CR calendar for the future. Classic bikes in
> classic bike settings...CR members bikes...classic rendezvous swimsuit
> calendar. I will let the swimsuit section up for grabs...real swimsuit
> females or podium girls OR...spoof on the swimsuit calendar with the likes
> of Brian Baylis or some other CR characters in speedos...whoa...goosebumps
> and chills on that thought!
> Walt "obviously not too busy today" Skrzypek
> Falls Creek, pa