Re: [CR]Any Gazelle experts out there?

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Date: Thu, 2 Oct 2003 08:45:31 EDT
Subject: Re: [CR]Any Gazelle experts out there?


My 3176347 is a Champion Mondial, with AA--frame decal, that came with a 1973 Nuovo Record derailleur; it has a Zeus 2000-marked fork crown with campy drops front and rear, wraparound seatstays (not chainstays; they actually come to a point in the middle), same/similar black font, WC stripes, and also came with Gazelle-pantographed and Gazelle-color painted chainwheel, seat pillar flutes, and stem. Flat spacers for chain stays and seat stays (brake bridge) are a sort of butterfly configuration. Bottom bracket stamped Gazelle (on drive side), also Italy and roto, and has window/cutouts.

Don't know that this helps much, but maybe there is indeed someone on the list who can make sense of yours and mine.

Jonathan Agnew

<<I need to write up a small description of a bike that was left by a deceased member of our cycling club (Bruce Timmerman). He was a well regarded member of the cycling community and this bike will be hanging in the club office. I was asked to do a listing of the componentry (eclectic like the owner) and one thing I don't know is what year the frame is. I'm pretty sure it's ~1981 but if anyone can tell me with any certainty I'd appreciate it.

I have a few pics I can share, but a brief description:

Gazelle Champion Mondial Reynolds 531c tubes stays and forks. GAZELLE in a sans serif font in black with world championship stripes. AB-FRAME decal on the left chainstay. Campag 1010 short dropouts, full wrap chainstays, semi sloping fork crown. Serial number 3295792.

Anyone have catalogues or a similar machine to help date this one?


David Bilenkey
Ottawa Bicycle Club
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada