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Date: Tue, 14 Oct 2003 10:54:55 +1000
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The dimples or reverse dimples, do they look like this? -

These wheels are from my wife's Coventry Eagle mixte. These are 700C clinchers. There is no name on them that I could find, so your reference to dimples made me wonder if these were also Weinmann rims. It is outfitted with Weinmann brake levers and side pulls.

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P. Lynn Miller
Sydney, Australia

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The recent threads on Paramount original equipment and Weinmann rim options rang a bell with me. I have a "65 Paramount track bike with the Weinmann sew-up rims that are dimpled or reverse dimpled on the outside rim wall. Wouldn't these be considered road rims? Did Weinmann make a track rim? Would that have been standard equipment on a '65 Paramount P 14? Anybody got a set they would like to sell or trade?

Jerry (reverse dimple?) Corcoran
Canby, OR