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Date: Thu, 02 Oct 2003 15:35:56 +0200
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I don't know much at all about these things but they are a regular gig around here! Why of couse I'm in Holland and they are Dutch riggs! In fact in the last week or so one of my gophers dragged in a few.....Of which will be coming down for the parts! Date sounds to be very early '80s! They were the run of the mill type of framesets but rides as nice as many other high end ''BIG BUCK!'' framesets from the past! BTW: Last year was Gazelles last year for building steel framesets, frame shop was closed and one of my ins is trying to swing us into the old building material! PLEASE! Do not hold your breath for old frame stickers or perhaps tube sets of which might be in bulk form............Last year Batavus tossed everything to the landfill......Very sad!

Anyway, I'm into a few a few of these very same framesets, there's one with a off white cream with forest green head tube and seat tube! Very sharp looking! Since it's my size it will be for myself and there's 1 or 2 others, silver and perhaps a blue, sizes looks to be 54cm to 57cm Anybody interested let me know. Sorry no price's because I need to do a little bit of wheeling and dealing. There' also a GIOS areodynamic as well, 59cm or a 60cm. I'll be trying to work out a package deal with the seller. Off hand lots of other stuff hanging around but I'm still working my way into the shop to get a better look............It's a few steps at a time any more and he'll be having my feet for lunch!

BTW: There was a list member asking about his IDEALE saddle if you know who you are please let me know.

Life is ''GRAND!'' when your having fun!

Baron C...............And the gang!!
Renaissance cycles,
Eindhoven Holland.

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> David-
> My 3176347 is a Champion Mondial, with AA--frame decal, that came with a
> 1973 Nuovo Record derailleur; it has a Zeus 2000-marked fork crown with campy
> drops front and rear, wraparound seatstays (not chainstays; they actually come to
> a point in the middle), same/similar black font, WC stripes, and also came
> with Gazelle-pantographed and Gazelle-color painted chainwheel, seat pillar
> flutes, and stem. Flat spacers for chain stays and seat stays (brake bridge)
> are a sort of butterfly configuration. Bottom bracket stamped Gazelle (on drive
> side), also Italy and roto, and has window/cutouts.
> Don't know that this helps much, but maybe there is indeed someone on the
> list who can make sense of yours and mine.
> Jonathan Agnew
> <<I need to write up a small description of a bike that was left by a
> deceased
> member of our cycling club (Bruce Timmerman). He was a well regarded member
> of the cycling community and this bike will be hanging in the club office. I
> was asked to do a listing of the componentry (eclectic like the owner) and
> one thing I don't know is what year the frame is. I'm pretty sure it's ~1981
> but if anyone can tell me with any certainty I'd appreciate it.
> I have a few pics I can share, but a brief description:
> Gazelle Champion Mondial Reynolds 531c tubes stays and forks. GAZELLE in a
> sans serif font in black with world championship stripes. AB-FRAME decal on
> the left chainstay. Campag 1010 short dropouts, full wrap chainstays, semi
> sloping fork crown. Serial number 3295792.
> Anyone have catalogues or a similar machine to help date this one?
> Thanks,
> David Bilenkey
> Ottawa Bicycle Club
> Ottawa, Ontario, Canada