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I can shed some light here. I was working with Mario when Jacques ordered his Confentes. There are four of them, painted to match his LeJune team bikes of the time.

Here is a link to photos of all four bikes I took after painting them at Confente's shop. The top photo is a postcard Jacques gave me at the time to model the paintwork on. He is shown riding his LeJune. (mapped)

Actually, as you can see, they are not painted entirely to the Lejune pattern. Jaques Lejune team bike these were to replace,had already had stars painted on the headtube, playing on Jacques then-unique nationality.

I added the small stripes on the headtube and seattube. I also suggested different decal colors to identify the intended purpose of the frame geometry. There were two normal road frames with yellow decals, one for climbing stages with blue decals and one for time trial with gold and black.

No other LeJunes were produced by Confente. There were no "extra tubes" on any Confente. There was never 90-120 frames bikes of any kind in Mario's shop,certainly not a run of LeJunes!

I actually ran into Jacques Boyer at the Interbike show yesterday, we chatted for a moment, he mentioned that he still had a bicycle distribution company and that he still had his Confentes.

Rumors are rampant. Glad I can squash a few.

Jim Cunningham Vista, CA

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Well, I didn't read all this thread but what I did read recalls a rumor I heard after Mario Confente passed away. I was working in a bike shop in Santa Barbara along with a gentlemen named James MacClean. James according to Joe Breeze coined the term for what we now consider (off topic) mountain bikes. He was also very knowledgeable regarding high end (custom) builders. Interestingly he rode a Masi GC that had been repainted by Greg Diamond in a metallic blue Imron. I still shudder at the thought. Now getting back to Mario and Jonathan, Boyer was currently racing in France and sponsored by LeJeune. Part of the rumor was that the LeJeunes being raced were in fact all Confente produced frames. I two examples in the that Jonathan rode the previous winter, very unique bikes with great lugwork and additional tubes that went from the head tube down to the rear dropouts. I happened to measure the BB and low and behold it was 70mm, not 68 mm as one would expect from a french frame. Now to top off the rumor, Confente was supposed to have had upwards of 90-120 incomplete "LeJeunes" that he was still working on and Jonathan acquired them all from his estate. I am sure others on the list may have information to corroborate or refute this story of cycling lore.

JD "still trying to build my Baylis" Edwards Now in the ballooning capitol of the world (not to mention green chili's) Albuquerque, NM

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Lou Deeter asked:
>>I also heard that Jonathan Boyer lives in the area and has a collection of Confente bikes, but I didn't attempt to make contact with him. Does someone know about this? <<

I suspect he'd be more difficult to reach these days, as he's currently serving a prison sentence for molesting an underage girl over a period of years. If he had such a collection, I hope it's being auctioned to provide some form of restitution to his victim. Sorry to mention such unpleasantries on the list, but Boyer's whereabouts seem on-topic in response to Lou's question.

Bill Karow Windham, ME

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