[CR]Books, magazines and other items for Sale 15/10/03

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Date: Wed, 15 Oct 2003 14:16:50 +0100
From: "Hilary Stone" <hilary.stone@blueyonder.co.uk>
To: <classicrendezvous@bikelist.org>
Subject: [CR]Books, magazines and other items for Sale 15/10/03

Latest list of books and parts for sale to CR members before they go to Ebay. I can take photos if necessary.

All items are priced in $. Shipping will be extra charged at cost. Payment can be made in cash with dollars or by money order in Pounds sterling ($1.60 to 1 GBP). American Express Travellers cheques in $ are also fine. I can take PayPal but I have to charge 5% extra to cover what my bank charges me. Regards Hilary Stone, Bristol, England

CYCLING SHOW ISSUES These are much thicker tyhan normal issues of Cycling and apart from a very comprehensive stand-by-stand guide to the show they are crammed full of adverts from all the leading cycle companies.

1949 Show Report 27/10/49 Detached cover, no stand by stand guide but loads of photos and line drawings of what¹s new, plenty of ads $20

1951 Diamond Jubilee Issue of Cycling not a show guide but crammed full of articles reviewing various aspects of Cycling¹s first hundred years. A very thick issue. $25

1953 Both Show issues a great information resource on all the leading British manufacturers especially of components $45

1954 Both Show issues a great information resource on all the leading British manufacturers especially of components $45

Or the whole lot for $125.

CYCLING Amateur bound copies of Cycling from 13/10/33 through to 29/12/33. Contains both the Lightweight Show Issue and the two Olympia show issues but as often with bound volumes the ads and covers have been removed. However still chock full of info on early 30s cycling in the UK. Binding is now very loose with detached pages but all appears to be there. $45

GB CYCLE COMPONENTS CATALOGUE late 60s, a bit scruffy and dirty but with all the info on brakes, bars and stems not common $20

THE STORY OF A J HODGE AND HIS CYCLES by Chris Hewitt 115 pages (A5 landscape) Chronicles the story of an early small English lightweight frame builder - 1910 to the 1960s $20

SUNTOUR NO 59 CATALOGUE June 1982 22 pages full of all the classic SunTour kit $12

CHICKEN AND SONS WHOLESALE CATALOGUE c1983 Chickens were tyhe British importers of Simplex, WeinmannOfmega, Esge, Sedis, Maillard 92 pages Many spares diagrams as well as complete specs and lots of photos, fascinating $15

CYCLING BOOK OF MAINTENANCE 3rd Edition 1954 120 pages of well illustrated text on how to maintain your classic bike and 15 pages of ads, mostly components $17

THE CYCLING HANDBOOK by Lon Pullen 1st edition 1950 175 pages These are quite simply the best guides to to the kit and how it was used in the 1950s. There are three editions of this book which are all fairly different. It contains masses of information on hub gears, Cyclo, Benelux, Huret, Simplex and even the Campagnolo Corsa. Also included is a spec list of handlebar shapes and their dimensions and many other fasinating bits on contemporary frames and kit. Lon Pullen had a good knowledge of the continental scene and this is reflected in this book. This copy has a very dirty dust jacket and a few dirty pages is otherwise very good. So just $22

CAMPAGNOLO CONE SPANNERS 13/14mm and 15/16mm NOS. These are the very best cone spanners money can buy - I still use the ones I bought 20 years ago and they still do not show any wear or distortion. $14 each

REYNOLD BUTTED TUBES, FORKS AND STAYS TRANSFER 1950s type, varnish fix, Larger size than later 531 db transfer. $16

REG SPOKE DISC NOS smallish diameter and spoked - quite similar to that used by Campag on Corsa and Paris-Roubaix gears. $12

SIMPLEX SX630 REAR GEAR 70s/80 - appears to be an unused. It is a quite unusual variant with drop arm and fits to the special Simplex rear dropout The rear cage has some light surface corrosion. $24

STRONGLIGHT 93 CRANKSET NOS? excellent and appears to be unused 165mm cranks from the 1970s as used on many Raleighs and Peugeots. Pedal threading is English. There are some minor shopwear type marks on the back of the spider - the cranks themselves are excellent with only very minor marks of no importance. $49

UNIVERSAL BRAKE LEVERS EARLY POINTED LEVER TYPE and complete with NOS Universal gum lever hoods of the correct type. $90

MODOLO ALX90 BRAKESET NOS NIB -Allen bolt fitting, from the end of the 1980s/early 1990s. They are absolutely complete with instructions, cables, etc. These were a top notch brake rivalling the very best from Campagnolo and Shimano. $85

CAMPAGNOLO RECORD LARGE FLANGE HUBS 36H Very good/excellent condition, straight lever Q/Rs $65

MAVIC E2 Rims 36H very good condition with only light wear to the braking surfaces - the first narrow rim with hooked beads. $30

BRAMPTON B8 PEDALS - these are in good to very good condition - the chrome plating is pitted on the barrels mostly good on the plates - they have not been groundedand are perfectly straight but they would be very easily rechromed or would be great for a restoration with original paint. These are a rare opportunity to acquire a pair of these pedals which were the stock pedals on many of the top models from British framebuilders - Chater Lea were normally an extra cost option. $45