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Date: Thu, 16 Oct 2003 21:40:59 -0400
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I was barking in the dark about the 3rd edition because I've never compared it with a 4th or later. My ASSumption is that some material (Brampton, Chater Lea and other esoteric stuff) starts to get dropped by rational editers. My real message is BUY ONE.

Joe B-Z

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> JOe B-Z wrote in response to a thread about drop-out threading:
> Buy a used Sutherland's Handbook For Bicycle Mechanics, preferably the 3rd
> edition for our hobby because it came out in 1980. It's all in there.
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> Last summer I bought a 4th edition (1985). In the Forward, Sutherland seems to say that the most visible change is the addition of the ISO standards (and the usual error correction and introduction of new errors...). I find his BB spindle length determination pretty opaque, but otherwise have no problem recommending the 4th Ed as a "buy" if the price is right. BTW, Joe may well be right that the Italians used mongrel 10mm * 26TPI threading for the hangers, but 10 * 1 mm = 10 * 25.4, and on that short threading I've never had problems. Heck, I used to thread Simplex D-Os with a small plumber's tap, with tapered threads. Pitch was close, and just stop once in a while to check when you'd bored to the right diameter. I now have a 10x1. Anyone need an 1/8" (?) plumber's tap? :-)


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