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Subject: Re: [CR]1966 Paramount tourer...custom?
Date: Fri, 17 Oct 2003 17:22:01 -0500

First , what a fantastic set of photos ! Then , what a great bicycle !

It's a custom bicycle now , that's for sure !

The 1st year for the P15 was 1970 . And of course the P10 was a couple of years later .

I'm not sure when they first used the name "Tourer" on the touring Paramounts , but it was later than 1970 .

The first couple of years , the P15 was just described as the "Deluxe Paramount" . The other Paramounts had a more specific name - "Deluxe Paramount Road Racer" , "Paramount Track Bike" . But certainly for the first year , 1970 , the P15 was just "Deluxe Paramount" .

And the P15 always used the Campagnolo triple crankset with the specially drilled "spider" , and the 36 tooth inner chainring .

And 1973 was the first year Campagnolo made the Rally rear derailleur ( thanks Chuck ! ) .

So , your frame was originally sold as a "Deluxe Paramount Road Racer" , and was originally set up with two ( 2 ) chainrings , and a Campagnolo Record rear derailleur .

( yes , back then the P13 Road Racer had brazed-on , top-tube , brake cable guides & housing stops , and back then the P13 had the same front fork rake as the other Paramounts )

Speaking of set-up , I LOVE the way that Pletscher rear rack is set up !!!! It's really done PERFECTLY ( by early 1970's standards ) . It looks quite similar to the way Ian Hibell did his ( if I recall correctly from the pictures I saw years ago in Bicycling Magazine circa 1974 ) . Except of course that YOURS is all polished and sparkling !

For a look at what Ian Hibell had made somewhat later :

But back to your extremely custom-outfitted Paramount !

Truly cost was no object !

How many all-chrome Paramounts are there in existence at this moment , fitted with a Campagnolo freewheel ? ( note , not all Campagnolo freewheel cogs were titanium , not by any means , most cogs were uminum - so treat it carefully - don't where it out ! )

A very interesting mixture . I admire the fact that the original owner chose to stick with the late 1960's - early 1970's Pletscher rack ! But personally , even after changing to a 6-speed rear spacing , I would have stayed with the flat , straight , levers on the quick release skewers . And I can understand staying with the look of the original steel-cage pedals , with loops . I respect that choice . But the weight-savings with switching to the Superleggero pedals , with the black anodized aluminum cages , would have made more sense than the weight-savings of using the Campagnolo freewheel .

But still ! The pedals show , much more than the freewheel . And some attempt was being made to retain some 1966 "look" .

That crankset for instance was the only way to have a Campagnolo triple , back in 1966 . Which reminds me , what's the bolt circle diameter ? That's a 151 mm crankset isn't it ?? Probably the original cranks , with an additional ring !!!

And that front derailleur cable is , uhhhmmmm , impressive , to say the least !

Wow .

Raoul Delmare
Marysville Kansas

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Subject: [CR]1966 Paramount tourer...custom?

> Paramount experts: Take a look at these photos. The serial number F653 dates
> this to June 1966. P-15(?) Chrome with full Nervex lugs including BB.
> Interesting mix of parts, betting that the original owner added, modified
> and obsessed over the mix. Frame is a 53cm C-C seat tube with a 56cm C-C top
> tube. 102cm wheelbase. Triple cranks with 55-49-45 chainrings. Campy
> titanium freewheel. Notice the use of white nylon (?) washers throughout,
> plus touches like the (custom?) cable pulleys, velox handlebar endplug at
> the bottom of the fork steerer tube. Adjustable stem with TA cable holder.
> Brooks Pro Select saddle. Pletscher rack with (custom?) attachment and
> reversed rear brake. Left brake lever cable adjuster is a mount for a rear
> view mirror, not shown. What do you think?
> Fred
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> Fred Yavorsky
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