[CR]FS: Lot's of Goodies

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From: "Eric Elman" <tr4play@cox.net>
To: <classicrendezvous@bikelist.org>
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Subject: [CR]FS: Lot's of Goodies
Date: Fri, 17 Oct 2003 20:15:23 -0400

Time (again!) to raise some cash to pay for some other cycling goodies. As in the past when I've done this, first come first served. Please allow some time for me to reply as someone may have inquired for an item before you and I may be waiting on confirmation; I do reply to everyone though. Prices do not include shipping which will be an amount we both agree on as fair based on USPS shipping. Bank/Postal Money Orders preferred, personal checks ok, can do Paypal (add 3% if using Paypal C/C funding) if need be. Some "wanted" items are listed at the very end.

1. Musette bag, Campagnolo, NOS, 1980's?, mint, dark blue fabric w/yellow Campagnolo script, white strap. $20.-

2. Freewheel, Suntour Meada Pro Comp 888 5 spd, NOS/NIB, gold, 14/21. $20.-each or two for $35.-

3. Freewheel, Suntour Meada, 5 spd, NOS no box, silver, 13/19. $20.-

4. Freewheel, Suntour Winner Pro, NOS/NIB, 6 spd, 13/22. $25.-

5. Freewheel, Suntour Meada, 6 spd, used, excellent condition. silver, 13/23. $15.-

6. Freewheel, Regina Extra BX, barely used, excellent condition, 6 spd, grayish, 14/24. $25.-

7. Freewheel, Regina Extra BX, used in good condition, 6 spd, grayish, 13/23. $20.-

8. Stem, "TTT Special," Grand-Prix, very handsome stem in very nice used condition, missing stem binder bolt but has special nutted "TTT" handle bar clamp bolt, 11.5cm length. $40.-

9. Stem, BF, NOS with shop wear but will polish great, size???, includes nutted quill bolt but missing handle bar clamp bolt. 9.5cm length. $10.-

10. Stem, "3 TTT," very nice used condition, same style as Cinelli 1A, 120mm length, includes both allen bolts. $20.-

11. Stem, "3 ttt," Record model, used in excellent take-off condition including original triangular decal on extension, 105mm, complete with original hardware, 1973 (came with my Raleigh Team Pro). $45.-

12. Stem, ATAX, NOS with light shop wear but will polish up great, decal intact and perfect, includes all original hardware, 10.5cm length. $30.-

13. Brake lever set, Mavic (Modolo), white hoods starting to crack but presentable, handles in excellent condition with one tiny spot of rash on the very tip of one lever. $25.-

14. Brake lever hoods, Modolo Campagnolo style, i.e. non-anotomic, bubble gum pink (!!!), NOS. $5.- pair

15. Brake lever set, Universal, 1960's style, good used condition, includes hoods and adjusters but both are in very poor shape. Levers are clean and just need a nice polishing. $20.-

16. Brake calipers (3), Shimano Tourney center pulls, one short reach front & rear, one long reach rear, good used condition. $10.-/all 3

17. Brake caliper set, Campagnolo Record, last version with script markings, complete with pads, holders, etc, used in superb nearly new condition. $85.-

18. Brake caliper set, Campagnolo Record, last version with script markings, missing one rubber o-ring otherwise complete with pads, holders, etc, used in excellent+ condition. $75.-

19. Brake caliper, Campagnolo Record, rear only, last version with script marking, missing cable adjuster unit and rear allen nut otherwise complete, used in excellent condition. $35.-

20. Brake studs, Mafac cantilever braze on pcs (4), NOS. $5.-

21. Brake pads & holders, Mafac, four dot size, (7) pcs, NOS. $15.-

22. Water bottle cage, TA, handle bar mount, NOS with unopened bag of hardware, NOS. $40.-

23. Water bottle cage, REG, handle bar mount (rare), 1970's version in chromed steel with black top and front leading edge, used in good condition should clean and polish nicely, no hardware. $15.-

24. Water bottle cage, Cobra, down/seat tube mount, silver aluminium with black top piece, used in very good condition, no hardware. $5.-

25. Derailleur, Campagnolo NR rear, "Patent 71," functionally great, cosmetically challenged w/scrapes (poor). $20.-

26. Derailleur, Campagnolo NR front, solid cage w/lip, clamp on, NOS but no box. $55.-

27. Derailleur, Campagnolo NR front, solid cage with no lip, clamp on, used in good condition. $25.-

28. Derailleur, Campagnolo NR/SR front, all silver with three cutouts in cage, used and dirty but once cleaned will be very good condition. $30.-

29. Pedal set, Campagnolo NR, chromed steel cages w/o strap loop, need a light cleaning, chrome is in very good condition with some rash on cage ends, missing one pedal cap, need repacking. $25.-

30. Handle bar plugs, "OLMO" decal in chromed plugs, used in fair condition. $5.-

31. Catalog, Schwinn 1974, near mint condition full color, full range plus accessories, mail in order form, gearing charts, etc., 55 pages, on topic includes Paramount: tandem T19 & T22, Track P14, Deluxe Touring P15-9 & P10-9, Road P13-9. $25.-

32. Book, Complete Book of Cycling, 4th ed., Sloane, soft cover, NOS. $5.-

33. Brochure, Carlton, 4 pages, b&w plus blue, Franco-Suise, and Catalina (all chrome), pics, specs, etc. Has 3 holes from a hole punch, otherwise near mint. I think from 1961 but not positive. $10.-

34. Brochure, Raleigh, 6 page tri-fold, all color, 1962 includes the Blue streak, Gran Sport and Sprite (road bikes with drop bars, Brooks swallow saddles, etc), 3 holes from hole punch plus the little white rings around the holes so they don't tear. Good condition. $5.-

35. Brochure, Raleigh, B&W plus green, 4 pages, with on topic Gran Sport and Blue Streak plus full line, has 3 holes from hole punch otherwise mint. I think from 1961 but not positive. $10.-

36. Sales Sheet & Price List, Robin Hood, B&W plus red, includes the Lenton Sports, 1966, 3 holes from hole punch otherwise mint. $10.-

37. Bar, Stem, Leather wrap & Grandis Plugs, 3ttt stem (Cinelli 1/A style) 105mm, Superleggero bar, white leather bar wrap sewn on and Campagnolo brake lever bar clamps (no levers or bodies), overall fair condition with scratches, scuffing etc., leather is pretty good but needs cleaning, plugs are good with no rash, definitely user grade - not junk. $15.-

38. Wheel Stops, Simplex Peugeot PX-10 type, excellent used condition with no rust. $10,000.-

39. Headset, Campagnolo NR, French, very good chrome but needs cleaning, no tool marks on top nut, bearing races are just beginning to show brinneling. No bearings, otherwise complete. $40.-

40. Shoes, Duegi, NOS/NIB, black perforated leather, lace-up type, plastic sole, with cleats and bolt tool, worn/ratty box, mint shoes, size 39. $40.-

41. Shoes, ditto pietro, NOS/NIB, black perforated leather, early Velcro type, plastic sole, with cleats, worn/ratty box, mint shoes, size 43. $40.-

42. Shoes, ditto pietro "Milano," used, black perforated leather, lace up type (with wrong laces), plastic sole, with cleats, very good to excellent condition, size 41. $20.-

43. Shoes, lecoqsport "Sprint," NOS no box, black nylon mesh and perforated leather, lace up type, plastic sole, with cleats, dusty/shop wear otherwise as new, size 42 2/3 or 8 1/2. $30.-

Wants/trades, either NOS or mint used:

Regina SC chain, black and brass, beveled outer plate no hole 1973/74ish.

Campagnolo Record caliper set, short reache, block style lettering, mint used preferred.

NOS only Zeus 2000 front derailleur.

Alloy (any brand) 5spd freewheel, English thread, 14/24ish.

Arius leather perforated saddle.

Memorabilia, literature, signage, etc - what do you have?

Thank you,

Eric Elman

105 Bobolink Lane

Somers, CT 06071 USA