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Date: Mon, 20 Oct 2003 12:59:44 -0400

Rene Welcome, glad to see you are coming out of the closet !!!

Just kidding, If you're interested there's a small group meeting regularly called the "No Click Club" in Toronto on the 3rd Thursday of every month.

You may know some of us already, we're very famous in our own minds. Here's a photo playing with Cambio something or other......

Wayne in Toronto, Jolly

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Subject: [CR]Cinelli Variant

Hi Gang!
      I have lurked in behind for long enough! My first Cinelli was a Super Corsa, sold by Bloor Cycle and Sports in the early Sixties. It had a Reynolds 531 three main tubes decal and the stays were in Columbus! There was a little bird on the stays. I wanted this bike really badly and finally got to purchase it from the Scoolteacher that owned it. I still have the "Worthy" bag from it. It came with Scheeren bar and Stem, Altenburger brakes and Gran Sport derailleur with a Simplex suicide shifter on the front! The hubs were three piece steel from campag and the rims were either altenberger (one) and one fiamme red label. I have since sold it to a guy who now lives in San fransisco(Scott: are you out there buddy?)...I had my Cinelli B stolen. I had it tricked out with a campy triple and the usual campy bits. Rene