[CR]Re: Ideor--Is it really a Cinelli?

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Date: Mon, 20 Oct 2003 15:03:18 -0700 (PDT)
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Subject: [CR]Re: Ideor--Is it really a Cinelli?

Hi, Wayne, Jay, all--

Wayne--you raise a very intriguing issue, Ideor as a possible Cinelli spinoff!

The reproduction (late-‘50’s/Early ‘60’s) Ideor catalogue I have states on the cover, “Soc. Acg. G. TORELLO & C, SAVONA.” Is this the Italian importer/distributor or the manufacturer? Does it provide any clues? Did they also rep Cinelli?

And in the back of the catalogue it states, “MONTROSE BIKE SHOP [California] guarantees all components of Ideor bikes…for the period of one year, commencing with the date of the original purchase from an AUTHORIZED IDEOR DEALER. The Ideor frame is guaranteed as long as the original owns the bike…” And those statements are permanently PRINTED in the catalogue, not just rubber stamped in the back. It almost seems as if they were the warranty rep for Ideor in the U.S. Which leads me to ask the question--Was MONTROSE the lead--or even the sole--U.S. distributor of Ideor?

I’ve also noticed that virtually all of the Ideors I’ve seen or heard about are from California. Mr. H.J. Battjes, who asked the question to Bicycling, is from Palo Alto. Is there a former MONTROSE employee out there who had direct dealings with IDEOR or G. TORELLO & C, SAVONA, who could enlighten us to a possible Cinelli connection? Or perhaps Dick Swann from Bicycling might be out there and know more details than he disclosed in the magazine.


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> Subject: [CR]Ideor - Is it really a Cinelli ?
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> Jay/List
> In the November 1977 edition of Bicycling is a very
> interesting comment in
> Dick Swann's column "Question Man" on page 64/65.
> Mr. H.J.Battjes of Palo Alto, CA writes: I have an
> Ideor. I am told it is
> circa 1960, near Cinelli's factory, a fine frame.
> Could you elaborate?
> Response:
> This is one of several makers that have appeared in
> Milan over the last 20
> years. Most of these small makers are ex-Cinelli
> workers; so the stuff
> should be very good indeed. Dick Swann
> The response seems to confirm a link to the Cinelli
> factory. Has anyone
> heard about this before? Would anyone agree that the
> build quality of an
> Ideor is comparable to Cinelli?
> Wayne (It's dark outside where's daylight savings)
> Jolly in Toronto Canada