Re: Dale's admonition: was [CR]Hetchins, Baines, etc

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Subject: Re: Dale's admonition: was [CR]Hetchins, Baines, etc
Date: Wed, 22 Oct 2003 15:42:22 +0100


I have no interest in these bikes beyond trying to ensure that this guy, who only wants to sell off his late father's collection without having any sort of knowledge base, is not ripped off by any of the sharks out there-including our own CR shark(s) here in the UK or anywhere else.

I agree wholeheartedly with your policy of always naming a price when mentioning items for sale but, since this policy is daily flouted when it comes to stuff on offer on Ebay, I didn't think another transgression would matter too much.

If it is wrong to mention Tim Lawrence's bikes without a price (which I accept it is), then there is no way on earth you can justify Ebay outings on the list. They are in practically every digest and none of them has a firm price. The biggest transgressors of the list rule must be those people who out their own Ebay auctions. If that isn't "maximising their personal gain via a CR fishing expedition" I don't know what is.

Let's ban all Ebay outings as well, then. Please post something to that effect just so that we all know where we are coming from. Presumably Lou Deeter and Jerry Moos will back me in that view.

Bruce Dundee Scotland wrote:
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> writes:
> <<
> I can't remember seeing anything about this on the list before but there is a
> chap in England who is selling his late father's bike collection either as a
> single lot or individually. There are a few 1930s Hetchins, a Baines
> International TT, Viking Ian Steele, Hill Special track, Ellis Briggs,
> Humber,
> Bates, Penine, Holdsworth, Carlton and quite a few Sturmey hubs including
> some
> alloy ones.
> Not being a bike collector, the seller is looking for offers and has already
> had some good ones. Unfortunately, the prices are out of my range but some
> well-heeled CR members might be interested and, indeed, some have already
> contacted him.
> The seller, Tim Lawrence, said everyone who had been in touch with him had
> been very open and honest about their valuations of the bikes except for one
> UK CR member, who shall remain nameless, who tried to tell him that the bikes
> weren't worth much at all. Shame on you!
> I can't vouch for Tim personally but I had a blether with him on the phone
> and
> he seems a genuine guy.
> There are pictures of the bikes and more contact info at:
> Bruce
> Dundee
> Scotland >>
> Bruce and all:
> I also told this fellow what range I thought the bikes would sell for and I
> also told him they could not be listed nor mentioned on the CR list until he > established a price for them. He certainly has had a lot of voluntary input thus
> far, so I assume he is conducting an effective highest-bidder auction of the > bikes, precisely what I do not want on the CR! And you, Bruce, have now aided
> him in that very cause....
> In regard to value, I would submit that is a hard issue as while these are
> old and interesting bikes, they are poorly repainted in many cases and those > would represent a large investment of time and money to do again properly. Of
> course, ones man's trash is another's bounty.. (or whatever that phrase is..)
> In any case, please let these persons "wanting to establish a fair value"
> (meaning maximize their personal gain via a CR fishing expedition) do it
> somewhere else. eBay does that every day.
> In any case, please mind the CR list rules and do not post about bikes and
> components for sale without including a set price..
> Thanks
> Dale
> Dale Brown
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> Greensboro, NC