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Subject: RE: [CR]Frenchy questions (Peugeot) (Dave Whitney)
Date: Tue, 2 Dec 2003 07:14:28 -0500

I've changed cottered spindles to tapered ones on a few old bikes. My '71 Astra/Motobecane with French-threaded cups took a Dura-Ace spindle perfectly, and now I use a lighter crankset. My local bike shop has a parts drawer full of tapered spindles - they gave me a hand full and I found the right length and spacing and returned the rest. He wouldn't take any money for them - as a matter of fact, he asked why I brought the rest back to him! It's worth the upgrade if you're not looking for a correct restoration just for the weight savings and the ability to buy new chain rings.


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I am cleaning up a late 60s low end model Peugeot. The cottered three arm steel crank was darn near welded on, so I had to drill out the cotter pins to get them out. Can someone tell me what size pins to use for replacements? The 9mm ones I have seem to be too big. Also, if I wanted to put in a better (newer and not beat up) BB and maybe a newer crank set (cottered or not), would any parts be available? I may use this frame for a knock-around single speed/fixie. Any advice as to spindle length for the single speed application? Also, the MAFAC brakeset looks like "Racer" models, but the pivot sleeves are brass, not the red plastic, and the engraving only says "dural forged". No model name otherwise. When were these produced?

Thanks for the help Ron Gurth Carmel, IN (where the wind comes whistlin' 'cross the 30mph and 27f)