Re: In defence: [CR]A Raleigh Complaint!

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Subject: Re: In defence: [CR]A Raleigh Complaint!
Date: Tue, 2 Dec 2003 09:25:25 -0500
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My own experience w/ Raleigh was back in 1977, a year after purchasing my first "good" bike, a new Professional (Mk.IV? Silver/black). Cheapest all Campy bike at the time; $575.00, Brooklyn, N.Y.. I can still smell the leather of the Brooks saddle when the box was opened. While training for Somerville, the right rear dropout dropped out! Looked like it was held together w/ the chrome. Carl Hart Cycles cut the offending seat tube/chain stay(w/ drop out no longer attached) and forwarded them all to Raleigh USA. They promptly sent me a new frame. Had to use my old tooo looooooong fork though. I promptly sold her to finance a new frame acquisition(who remembers what). Hung the parts on the new girl. And so began the odyssey.....

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