Re: [CR]Those NOS Swallows are all gone!

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To: Tom Sanders <>
Subject: Re: [CR]Those NOS Swallows are all gone!
Date: Tue, 02 Dec 2003 20:49:46 +0000
cc: Tom Sanders <>
cc: Tom Sanders

Nashbar has Swift's on sale for $139...

Rod Kronenberg Fort Collins, CO
> Wow! It didn't take long for you folks to clean those out! A list member just
> wrote and told me he got the very last one, a honey colored one. Seriously
> folks, I know that the Swallows look cool, but the Ti-railed Swifts weigh
> virtually the same thing and are a beautiful and comfortable saddle. I am
> currently using three of them and don't have a bad word to say about them. By
> the way, Peter Jon White probably does not want to toot his own horn, but I
> believe he has the Ti-railed Swifts for $142. Best Price I know of since
> Lickbike raised their price last week from $139 to $169. I think Wallbike gets
> $170 and they are such nice folks to deal with... I really like them, and they
> get used things in all the time, too.
> Tom Sanders
> Lansing, Mi