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Date: Wed, 03 Dec 2003 06:18:16 -0500
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This thread is OT but maybe because it is Masi talk we can get away with it.

I was a Masi dealer in the early to mid '90's. The Team 3V was a less expensive model of the 3V. Torelli imports was the exclusive U.S. Masi distributor at that time. The owner of Torelli, Bill Simeonian (now McGann), said that they were made in California.

It came with an SR alloy fork and fast back style seat stays. Those were the only mechanical differences. I do remember seeing some with the fluted top eyes. I suspect that those were originally built to be regular 3V's. The graphics and colors changed from year to year but they usually were adorned with a multitude of "sponsor's" transfers. The idea was that Bill got money from various companies to put their sticker on the bike and that allowed him to reduce the cost to the customer. Thus the team designation. They sold pretty well to Walter Mitty types who were after that NASCAR look.

During that same era Masi also made a few limited edition 3V's. They had special graphics and production was limited to 200 (I think). They made one with the same transfers as the ones ridden by the Russian national team. Another one commemorated the '94 Olympics in Barcelona. It had flags of various nations along the top tube and Masi on the down tube was written in Greek (to me at least). I actually still have one of those in stock. I think it is #77/200.

Jamie Swan - Northport, N.Y. wrote:
> In a message dated 12/2/03 10:27:05 AM Pacific Standard Time, BobHoveyGa
> writes:
> For several years (Team) 3V's and (Tre) Volumetricas were made at the same
> time and were side by side in the Torelli catalog, so at one point at least they
> were not really the same thing, unless you mean that the Volumetrica is any
> Masi with an internally lugged frame and the 3V is a subset of that (or vice
> versa...).  However, they were technically (at least in the mid '90's)
> distinctly different models.
> Much confusion is caused by the many ways the bikes were labelled...  The
> very first bikes (as close as I can see in on old article) had a very large "3V"
> with a tiny "Volumetrica" next to it... on later bikes they moved this over
> and added the second "V", creating the redundant "3V Volumetrica" that is seen
> on so many bikes.  Since 'Tre" means three and "V" stands for Volumetrica, "3V"
> and "Tre Volumetrica" should mean exactly the same thing, but they don't
> always mean the same bike...  when the Team 3V came out, many folks referred to it
> as the 3V, causing some to confuse it with the Tre Volumetrica which was
> being sold by the same company at the same time at a higher price.
> A capsule history, as far as I've been able to put it together from dealers,
> Jim Allen, Lou, and fellow Masi nuts (any details you care to add would be
> greatly appreciated...):
> At first they were Italian only (1984).  Almost immediately they started to
> drift into the US, brought in by individuals as well as some legitimate imports
> with Milano decals.  Masi USA quickly made a deal for the bikes to be brought
> in and sold under the Masi name (same deal as the Stradas and Corsas, they
> came in bare and were  painted and decaled by Jim Allen).  Then a deal was
> struck to build them at San Marcos, but I'm not sure exactly when (Joe Starck is
> supposed to get back to me on this)... it was certainly by 1990-91 because
> that's when the Russian Masis came out and those were definitely built here.  Then
> some time after that we ended up with two models, the Tre Volumetrica and the
> Team 3V.  My LBS owner had several Team 3V's of his own and swears they were
> all built in Italy.  After looking at the two frames side by side in the '96
> Torelli catalog I tend to agree... the Volumetrica was more expensive and had
> the fork crown that was used on American-made Gran Crits, plus the same Gran
> Crit fluted seatstay caps. 
> The Team 3V had a sloping crown, fastback stays (this is probably the model
> you
> > mentioned above, however there WERE earlier Team 3V's with side-mounted
> > stays), routed brake cable, fewer paint choices and a lower price... this bike
> > was probably built by Masi Italy or Mondonico.
> >
> Hi Bob,
> I'm certainly very open minded about this and don't consider myself at all an
> expert on the matter! I have an alleged "Team 3V" that came with a sloping
> crown, SR aluminum fork (original equipment). I was operating somewhat under the
> idea that the main difference in the "team 3V" frames was the decal pack, and
> possibly the fork.
> In the case of mine, the seat lug and upper head lug are "conformed" to the
> angle as built, and it's not the angle of the lug "as made". Mine does have the
> GC style seat stay caps that say "MASI" and are likely slugs, not an engraved
> plate, as well as top tube braze ons for the brake cable. Is there any kind
> of serial number list anywhere?
> If Jim Allen painted them, he's in a particularly good position to have a
> worthwhile opinion about them! I haven't found much general info, greatly
> appreciate your information and look forward to more details!
> Stevan Thomas
> Alameda, CA