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Date: Thu, 4 Dec 2003 13:00:49 EST
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Subject: [CR]Was: Paramount questions.. Now Casa D'Oro bike shop...

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<< The bike shop? (the shop sticker, from "Casa d'Oro Cycles" in Spring Valley, CA is still intact.) >>

Perhaps this is only peripherally to do with vintage bikes, but I had heard through suppliers for years that the was or had been a Casa D'Oro in southern California.

Obviously the reason for the conversation in the first place was that we hoped we had thought up a unique name when we dreamed up cycles de ORO.

Anyhoo, I was visiting Brian Baylis last year and we drive over to see Joe Bell's paint facility.. Joe gave me a very nice tour and that included an adjacent showroom, that Bill Holland for his (exclusively now I think) custom titanium bike frames.

Joe told me of Bill's involvement in the cycle biz and his help to JB. How Bill had a regular bike shop but had gradually downsized to finally focus on the Ti frames. The old Bill Holland shop was Casa D'Oro! Small world, eh?

Dale Brown
cycles de ORO, Inc.
Greensboro, North Carolina