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Subject: Re: re [CR]Slimming a nuovo record bike ...
Date: Fri, 05 Dec 2003 21:18:48 +0000

Don't be afraid to use your drill and your hack saw, or sawsall.

Figure out your proper seat height and cut off as much as you can from the end, leaving enough to extend below the bottom of the top tube. Drill everything else full of holes. You might be able to lose more weight off your own body than off your bike, if this is the case, drill less holes. Regina made a hollow link chain, I broke one and never bought another. chris ioakimedes UCLA
> From: Donald Gillies <>
> What's an affordable way to put a classic campy nuovo record bicycle
> on a 1 lb diet, using modern parts ?? Some ideas :
> (a) if it's english, buy a brooks titanium (B17 or Swift) saddle. save 200g
> (b) buy contemporary titanium BB axle (( ... where ? )) or Phil Wood ??
> (c) get hooked clincher rims and stupid-light 170g clinchers. save 200g
> (d) get a 1970's era aluminum freewheel, or a straight-block 13-18. 100g?
> (e) hollow chain? whose?
> The idea is to find parts that could justifiably be replaced because
> of wear, or modern parts still available that were available in the
> 1970's. I'm looking for "subtle" changes that are in the spirit (if
> not exactly the era) of a 1970's bicycle. ...<snip>...."
> An excellent question!!
> I built up a T.I.-Raleigh Team bike this spring, and had these same
> thoughts. Of course, this was a bike where SR parts were appropriate, so
> it did get the titanium bolts for the rear derailleur. I was building this
> up on the cheap, so I didn't spring for SR pedals w/titanium axles or a SR
> bottom bracket. I may buy a Phil ti bottom bracket someday, but the NR
> bottom bracket seems okay so far....
> My ideas for losing weight were:
> >> a. Brooks Swift saddle! purchased used from an i-bob. very suitable
> for a Raleigh.
> >> b. Use those skinny 14-17 gauge spokes on the front wheel. Don't know
> if it saves much weight, but what the heck.
> >> c. alloy nipples on the front wheel. Someone told me that alloy
> nipples are suitable for an early 80's bike.
> >> d. Use a Stronglight A9 headset. Not as shiny as a NR headset, but
> has the appropriate styling. Very light and reliable.
> >> e. King stainless bottle cage. Won't save much over an alloy cage,
> but lighter than a proper steel TA cage. And you can polish it!!
> >> f. dig out the old Detto shoes. I swear these things are lighter than
> my basic Shimano road shoes (and more flexible).
> Granted, most of these things just shave a handful of grams, but it all
> adds up, right? The 753 frame was so light that I felt compelled to do
> whatever I could to save weight (without spending too much).


> Steve Kurt

> Peoria, IL