[CR]Pics of Frejus we just finished, and other restoration news

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Date: Sat, 20 Dec 2003 21:37:40 EST
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Subject: [CR]Pics of Frejus we just finished, and other restoration news

Here are pics of a 60s Frejus we just restored. This belonged to Neil Seaton's father and he saw a lot of the seat stays and rear wheel in his youth, chasing his father around in the UK. He had the frame and original Frejus headset rechromed and we did some metal work and repaint, including a couple of decals we had made. His dad had the original head badge chrome plated and repainted it himself very nicely.

Currently we are doing a 60s Cinelli, an 80s Cinelli, and a 60s Flying Scot. Personally I am currently assembling a 52 R.O. Harrison track, a 29 Charlie Gibb fixie, and a 30s FH Grubb fixie. Next up for me is a 40s Claud Butler semi-bilaminate on its way from Pete Paine, 40s Dalcezzi Cambio Corsa soon to arrive from the notorious Carsten Rehbein, and one of my Cinelli customers is supposed to trade me a complete 1967 Cinelli for the work on his frame. Still have the two 30s tandems in the back waiting for right time to do them. Have a couple of Eddy Merckx 80s frames coming from Carsten too, unspoken for as of yet. 55cm NOS SLX mid 80s, and 56cm SL supposed to be from the first year, 1980, needs restoration. Here is Neil's bike:

http://f1.pg.photos.yahoo.com/ph/rdf1249/album?.dir=/Neil+Seaton%27s+Frejus+restoration cheers

Bob Freeman