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I agree. This is the method that I have used for the last 4 years. I also use Brown Ground (UPS). I usually send it to a local bike shop after asking permission from the Mgr/owner. No one has yet refused. I usually buy a tee shirt or something to support the shop financially. No problems yet. Not sure I would ship during the month of Dec (Xmas). Good luck.

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> Craig,

> My way now, since the airlines charge $80 bucks each way, is to double

> box my little beauty and send her off Fed-Ex ground.

> For example, it takes 3 business days N.Y. to California and it's about $40

> bucks! I don't have to drag the bike around at the airport or struggle to

> get her into a taxi. Fed-Ex will pick up from a business if they have a

> business account. No home pick ups. I generally drop off at a Fed Ex store

> front. Make sure the box is with in size guide lines. All 8 bikes I sold

> this last month traveled w/ F.E. and all went well.

> My 2 cents.

> ciao,

> John T.Pergolizzi

> N.Y.C., New York


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> > My wife is dragging me off to Poolesville, Maryland for Christmas. I'm not

> a

> > happy camper given it's pushing 80 degrees here in Tucson. Told her I'd go

> if

> > I could take the bike. No way I'm gonna sit for 9 days. Would like to take

> my

> > '52 ASC equipped Viking Road-Path. Am I nuts? Anybody have America West

> horror

> > stories? Ripped off bikes? Frames twisted into oblivion? Maybe I should

> just

> > take my 80 Holdsworth 68" fixie and be happy. What do you think?

> >

> > Craig "Perplexed in Nirvana" Montgomery

> > Tucson