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Date: Sun, 21 Dec 2003 20:13:16 GMT
Subject: Re: [CR]mixing paint funny old story
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Funny how people get these habits. I only mix about 4 to 6 fl. oz. of paint at a time in a dixie cup and I go back and forth AND round and round.........then I dance a jig and make a sacrifice to the paint Gods. Seems to work! ;-)

I have a funny story about paint shakers, but I'll save it for another time where it fits in context of the story in question.

Brian Baylis
La Mesa, CA

-- wrote:

I was being trained by an old painter many many years ago We were stiring paint I was going round and round. He joking said don't do that you need to go back and forth. I said what differance would that make - he told me when he was young he worked for a man who used to scream at him if he did not stir side to side. He felt it made a differance. Thank God for paint shakers the machine does it far better than my side to side or round and round.

Sam DiBartolomeo
Riverside CA