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Date: Sun, 21 Dec 2003 17:54:35 -0500

Verdi's aria Celeste Aida is commonly translated as Heavenly Aida (Aida being a woman's name, not undergarments). Regardless, it is a genius color as developed by Bianchi--a signature color that may be any of a thousand shades and still instantly identifiable.

I'm going to put on the 78 of Caruso crooning Celeste Aida and think about him singing about underwear. I think you guys have ruined that recording for me!

Steve Barner, Bolton, Vermont

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\r?\n> "In the very early days of Bianchi the color "Celeste" was sky blue (the

\r?\n> word celeste meaning sky in Italian)"


\r?\n> Nope! The italian for sky is cielo.Celeste simply indicates that

\r?\n> particular color.


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