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I think that FORD means "Found on the road Daid".

Jim Kerr (A true SAAB person" New Haven, CT

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Lets see Ford stands for "First On Race Day" while Chevrolet stands for "Cracked Heads, Every Valve Rattles, Oil Leaks, Erratic Timing" Placing either motor in a 54 Jaguar is a mistake.

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> >I have to throw my two cents worth in here. To "upgrade" a classic bike
> >with more "modern" components, is like dropping a fuel injected 5.0 liter
> Ford
> >V-8 into a 1954 Jaguar. Certainly it would be faster and more
> >"user-friendly" than the original engine, but what is the point? If I wanted
> >new iron, I'd buy it
> >That said, I'd like to add "MERRY CHRISTMAS!"
> Substitute Chevy for Ford and you have, in fact, a period correct engine swap
> that was very common-well, maybe not with a Jag but I've seen several
> Ferraris and Maseratis-in the old days.
> Phil Brown
> Who saw the Stovebolt Special race but not in San Rafael, Calif.