Re: [CR]re: pedals and toe clips, SHOES.

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Date: Sun, 16 Feb 2003 18:06:10 +0100
From: "Martin Appel" <>
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To: "Linwood S. Hines" <>
Subject: Re: [CR]re: pedals and toe clips, SHOES.
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Hallo Linwood,

there's a company in germany called "manufactum" which focusses on all kind of retro stuff; clothes, furniture etc, also bicycles (they also sort of "revived" the classic "Wanderer" brand. ( there's also an english branch, but they don't have cycling gear) they offer a black cycling shoe by Carnac with smooth leather sole in traditional design. Not sure whether these are available commonly; manufactum often has items produced for them exclusively.

the link for the shoes is

in case this doesn't work for you, follow these links:

"Produkte nach Sortimenten" "Von drinnen nach draussen" "Sportliche Freizeit Fahrradfahren Einzelteile" on the third page.

price is 86 EUR

Martin Appel Munich, Germany

LSH> Y'all know, this pedal/toe-clip thing - the problem isn't that - the problem is the darn SHOES. What shoes do y'all wear? I love my Campy pedals w/ clips/straps - as far as I'm concerned, this LSH> is the way to go, even with a modern made bike. Another prob is wide feet - even if I wanted to go to modern pedals (won't) most of the shoes are too narrow. I have found an old model of shoes LSH> that fit me and into clips/straps wonderfully, but they won't last forever. I also have a pair of the Sidi's that Rivendell sold (should've bought two pair!). Why, with the numbers of riders LSH> in the world that still use real pedals and clips/straps isn't there someone who makes shoes to accomodate? And in a wider sizing? AND with old style cleats that just fit on the rear cage of LSH> the pedal? Does anyone have connections at a cycling shoe company that could just modify an existing model to have lacing (and maybe a top cover that is velcro-ed to "smooth the LSH> transition/cover laces)? Y'all tell me if I'm missing something here. Long live real pedals. LSH> Linwood Hines LSH> (3" of ice ball bearings, and still falling, in Richmond, VA)