Re: [CR]ID this rear derailleur? JAPENESE COLLECTORS

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Subject: Re: [CR]ID this rear derailleur? JAPENESE COLLECTORS
Date: Sun, 23 Feb 2003 15:52:14 +0100


I went after a Kessels built made Eddy Merckx from ''Cyclo24'!'' of which I will never buy from again! Yes a lot of you has had some luck with ''Cyclo24!'' Anyway I won this rig ''FAIR AND SQUARE!'' but he didn't honor the sale due to the auctions end conflicted with the change of time..............A one hour difference! Other bidders were Japanese.........His excuss was this one hour difference of the time change of the U.S. My winning bid was a little over $ 1000................So it went up for bid again! And to make a point I went after it again wining it for the 2nd time @ $ 1,725.-. OK I get the bike hoods are new but torn. Rear QR instead of what it needed for a 126 rear end!...........I ended up a QR for a120mm rear end! For the extra cost I would have thought hey he's offing another 7 bills for this puppy so it should be as what was listed. Anyway, I didn't bother with it and just blew it off..................Mess with me once mess with me twice but not a 3rd time!!....................All other high bidders on the 2nd round were all Japanese. Yes I'm here in Holland but a ''YANK IN HOLLAND!.....Taking 100% of everything we go after on ebay! It's an ''ALL!'' or nothing for us! I'm just glad I don't have the needs as like the Japanese buyers and collectors.

BC Baron C........And the gang, Renaissance cycles-Eindhoven Holland......Small trailer of Campagnolo rolling in today.

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> God bless the Japenese.
> That is all I can say-
> they have the "Huevos" to bid, while the rest of the
> USA and other collectors still hope to steal items
> from less than "PHD" collectors. USA collectors should
> be ashamed of themselves, pathetic.
> paul genaro
> Walntport pa