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From: "Terry McClintock" <terry.mcclintock@worldnet.att.net>
To: <classicrendezvous@bikelist.org>
Date: Sun, 23 Feb 2003 21:24:20 -0800
Subject: [CR]New Member Profile


It's nice to have found this list of fellow bike nuts, uh enthusiasts. I discovered CR a while back but only recently checked out the list. What a resource! After a couple of hours reading through the archives I started to feel a little guilty soaking in so much knowledge. Only hope I can contribute something along the way.

My profile particulars:

First bike - sheet steel and lead pipe Farmall tractor (I know, I know - really a chain drive, fixed gear trike but lots of fun when I got strong enough to lock the rear wheels at speed. Sort of an early 50s Big Wheel with rust) Second bike - two 16" wheels, two training wheels. A step down from the tractor. Third bike - 20" Schwinn hand-me-down from my sister, no less. First real bike (well real to me) - JC Higgins 3 speed English Racer in black with gold and white block pinstripes. (Actually an Austrian Stehr) The only non-balloon tire bike in town. I loved it and lived on it for 6 years. Guess I was hooked.

Some current bikes:

Automoto - recently bought on eBay and need some pointers on dating it. Has very interesting componentry. Two 60s Legnanos - one rough, one fairly nice and complete 50s or 60s Ideor set up for light touring 50s or 60s Bianchi mid-level. Has stamped dropouts but integrated headset/headlugs. 60s Bianchi town bike with those funky integrated bars/levers. Such style! 70s Atala - Campy drops and bearings - Rough and waiting to become my town single speed. 70s Witcomb (England) track 72 Paramount 78 Raleigh Super Tourer - my intro to Huret Jubilee. Tre elegante. 75 Raleigh Competition - more Jubilee 70 Raleigh International - set up for touring 78 Raleigh Pro - almost unused -- Obviously went through a Raleigh phase -- 78 Italvega - w/Campy triple 80s Casati track - Hey, how did that get in here? ? Richard Sachs frame with threaded and non-threaded forks. Niiiice! - Can anybody out there help me date this? Hint, hint. Bought off eBay a while back. Have a current Campy 10spd group for it but haven't brought myself to build it. Do I really need to be able to click all those gears? Various mixtes and other step-throughs I told my wife she needed. Anybody out there need a mint, 75 pound Pashley Princess Sovereign? Has a cool skirt guard and the largest ding-dong bell you ever saw?

*#%*&!!!, I realize I've just missed bidding on a must-have old French dynamo front light! Better get my priorities straighter.

Terry McClintock
San Francisco