[CR]hey y'all - Where are your CR list cut-off period potraits ?????

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Date: Thu, 27 Feb 2003 02:13:29 -0500
From: "ben kamen" <dupe@mac.com>
To: <classicrendezvous@bikelist.org>
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Subject: [CR]hey y'all - Where are your CR list cut-off period potraits ?????

Perhaps some of may have missed my invitation ...

The CR member potrait site is up and severly lacking in submissions. No excuses - send 'em to me.


All you gotta do is send me a pic of yourself circa 1983 which is when the list is specific till. Where were you in 1983?

Any file, any format, any size ... just send it down and ill add it on. Ill scan crop and whatever if needed. C'mon gang !!!!! The louder the better as there is a prize for the most early 80's pic.

ciao, ben kamen NYC (but originally from OZ)
>> So ... what did you look like around the time of the CR cut off period
>> (1983) ????? Id be happy to compile pics of the list members circa the early
>> 80's (CR cut off period) on a web page(s). Think of it like the Goodwood
>> Festival of Speed where all attendees come in period dress. Le Cirque with
>> the same restrictions wouldn't be as cool as most wouldn't have to think
>> much about changing their attire. I figure if we are to keep our interest of
>> classic bikes till that period it would be interesting to note what we all
>> looked like - for better or worse. It would be not only therapeutic in a
>> sense but fun. Send any image file/format (any size) you like to me but be
>> honest - im expecting about 30 dubiously sourced Bruce Jenner stock images
>> and lots of 'stache's like Kevin Costner. Cross dresser's identities will be
>> kept private (for a fee). I promise not to post it anywhere else unless you
>> owe me money. What have you got to lose?
>> There is a Mystery Prize for the winner (NOS) - ill do my best to verify the
>> image is authentic, and im the judge ;-)
>> scan them forgotten ealy 80's pics - you have one week.