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Date: Fri, 28 Feb 2003 00:23:30 +0100

Hi Ken!

Ken D. Is Ken D!..................And nobody is perfect! It's called human nature and you can't cage that! Geeze ever seen a caged bear!............I feel sorry for them walking back and fourth all day long with nowhere to go! Some of us can keep control and some others will have a harder time in doing so. For sure I'm a bit like Ken and at times I just go B$&^&$^! I'll stop there! Ken, if you stay then welcome back.

Long night coming and going, will be packing order till the sun rises! Someone gots to do it!!

BC Baron C...................And the gang! Renaissance cycles Eindhoven, Holland!

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From: Charlie Young
Sent: Thursday, February 27, 2003 10:42 PM
Subject: RE: [CR]Remove from List

> I waited a bit before chiming in on this subject and the
> responses from Brian, Paul, Wayne and others to this turn of
> events mirror my feelings. I too welcomed Ken's return and
> appreciate his depth of knowledge. I hope that he
> reconsiders and that we can continue to benefit from his
> contributions.
> There has indeed been a large amount of testiness creeping
> in of late. While I haven't done a trend analysis to figure
> out why the CR list (and a few other lists) experiences
> bouts of this behavior, I wouldn't be the least surprised
> that it peaks in the winter months when us northerly members
> are spending less time riding (and thus purging some of our
> accumulated aggression and dissatisfaction) or, perhaps, are
> suffering from cabin fever or mild seasonal affective
> disorder.
> Whatever the cause, I would like to see a decline in
> animosity and the recognition that opinions will differ
> among us on many topics. This needs to be self-enforced!
> Dale has shown much patience and forbearance in moderating
> the list but we must not expect him to have to step in
> routinely to quell discourses that are getting out of
> control. On the whole, the CR members are a very articulate
> group. Consequently, it should not require a large amount of
> effort to carefully consider the phrasing of postings to the
> list and their potential interpretation by others prior to
> sending.
> Thanks,
> Charlie
> Charlie Young
> Honeybrook, PA