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Date: Thu, 27 Feb 2003 21:04:13 -0500
Subject: [CR]Re: Classicrendezvous Digest, Vol 2, Issue 125

Hey Baron, want to get a US distributership going? You send me 10 pair of shoes, I'll post them on eBay, sell them, send you the money (less eBay fees), then you can send me some more. When Vittoria's lawyers catch me and tell me to cease and desist, I'll change my eBay moniker and try it again. The downside--you have to pay the freight across the pond, and trust me to send you the dough.

Is that a great idea or what?

--Steve Barner, not really joking in Bolton, VT

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Subject: [CR]Vittoria shoe give away!!
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Hey! I''m back!

And guess what I had it out with the lawyers for Vittoria shoes and tires! Seem like selling old and out dated shoes on ebay is stepping over the line! So I havs a lot of smaller sized Vittoria shoes to give away!

To take the cake I have been going back and fourth with this meat head because he also had Regina items removed as well! Finally in his last email he got the point that there is another marque involved. He then stated that he was only working for Vittoria.................While within my last 3 or 4 emails I was talking about these Regina items he had removed! It was stated in the sudject box as being Regina freewheel &^^%&! This guy burned up a lot of my time and energy! So they were afraid of Vittoria loosing maket share! Blah! Blah this and Blah Blah that! Well I'm going to give away a ''TON!'' of these shoes. Every pair of shoes that that can make a pair of feet happy!.................I'm happy! There's a lot of smaller sizes, up to 41 and sizes over 46! Many are look compatible! Anybody knows of a youth program in need If so then let me know. If you got a child or you know of someone in need, let me know as well! Remember I'm not making a dime I just want to take that dime away from Vittoria! One catch, freight charges must be covered by the receivers. When I get rid of these I'll be looking for more for this giveaway!

BC Baron C.......And the gang!! Renaissance cycles Eindhoven Holland!.......Looking for a good street game!