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I lost one of these puppies in the fire!................It was in the famous Masi red! Oh boy! She was really sweet with a Campagnolo ICS group set! It was had for a mere $ 400.- but I gave him $ 500.- just because I was given the honor to buy this beauty! There was others but he wanted to feel out the potential buyers and see who was really going to take care of his ''BABY!'' We sat down for coffee and we talked a little bit! It was like getting drilled by some girls father before letting his little girl go out on a date! Now I gave him the extra bill ''$ 100.- after the deal was closed and we shook hands! I could see the tears coming to his eyes as we left with the bike!..............The bike also came with 2 spare sets of wheels, one with Super Champion wooden rim and Campagnolo HF and a set of 24s! Both sets were in super condition, Scott Davis of this list got the wooden rim wheel set! There was also 2 spare NR rear derailleurs and 2 pairs of NR pedals, all were NOS in the box! And a ''TON!'' of other goodies Paris Roubaixs! 6 pairs! Ouch! As for the tubing the original owner called it a, pearling!?!?! Like a string of pearls. Anyway I've seen more of these here than any other and that do be for reals! In the last 4 years I counted no less than 5, only other Masi that I saw was an ugly Neon orange 3V still sitting on the rack with loudiest set of Masi decals that I have ever seen it was like looking at a strob light!.................I just about threw up when I saw it!...........It really turned my stomach! I think most of you would have wanted to shoot the darn thing!................The cycling clubs here are huge! 300 to as many as 500 members and I'm sure I'll find another one from one of the old guys in one of these clubs again!

Anybody want's to see it, let me know. Pics were taken 2 days before the fire...............First thing I said when I saw the fire! OH NO!..................THE MASI!..................Well one of them!

BC.....................And the gang!! Breaks over, back to the grind!

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> Matteo has listed this interesting 57cm Masi. Has anyone ever seen the
> tubing like this with the little design running down the side? Lou

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