[CR]the bicycle stash and the significant other...

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Date: Tue, 04 Feb 2003 11:06:56 -0500
To: classicrendezvous@bikelist.org
From: ADP <aphillips9@mindspring.com>
Subject: [CR]the bicycle stash and the significant other...

Lou Deeter Sez:

You buy the spouse a bigger house, so that the stash takes up less room, even though the stash is bigger. Take it from a pro, if you have an attic, she'll never know what is up there!! And, if the house is big enough, she won't care! Just make sure she has room to park her car in the garage and all will be cool. I established my own bank account for my bicycle wheelin and dealin over 5 years ago and while I get raised eyebrows, it is usually more over the grease on my clothes than the amount of stuff I have. Sorry, I don't think this can be applied if your spouse is a "he". Lou Deeter, Orlando FL

I have to disagree with you Lou... My significant other is a "he," is an avid cyclist (think PBP), we don't live together as of yet and he has a whole room in his house dedicated to bicycles and tools.

He still doesn't really *get it*

Last night, while sitting in my living room, he looked at the pile of wheels (I have a little condo, so the living room is the bike room) and asked if I was collecting wheels - and if I was still hitting Ebay... Well, that was the same pile of wheels thats been in my living room since mid January, there aren't all that many wheels there, and they all have bicycles to go on, even if the bicycle isn't there yet - it's a planned bicycle. Now if he looked on my desk he might have noticed that the parts are multiplying, but I can say honestly that I didn't overpay for anything on Ebay and I paid all my bills this month <g>.

And I'm not even watching anything this week, except for the bent Masi referred to in a previous post here.

We joke that if we ever do finally move in together, that getting my 3 cats and his 2 cats to get along might actually be easier than fighting over hanging space in the bike room.

The cure is this... Find your significant other something they really like, something they really want and surprise them with it. Don't wait for a holiday, birthday or anniversary. Don't buy anything for yourself, even if you have a big attic. Repeat on a regular basis. Stock the attic in between.

Ann Phillips
Atlanta Ga - 50 degrees and sunny