[CR]Re: Fiamme Ergal

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From: BobHoveyGa@aol.com
Date: Sun, 2 Feb 2003 11:39:51 EST
To: classicrendezvous@bikelist.org
Subject: [CR]Re: Fiamme Ergal

I ran into a guy at the LBS yesterday who claims to have a new, never-laced pair of Fiamme Ergal gold anodized rims squirreled away. I would like to try to separate him from these puppies but have no idea what they are worth. I had thought of making him a ridiculously low offer and going from there, but he's a really nice guy and so I'd prefer to offer a fair price. However, I'm a novice where vintage bikes/parts are concerned, so perhaps one of you could suggest what should I offer? Also, were all these rims gold anodized? If not, are the gold ones more or less desireable from a collector's standpoint?

Disclaimer: I am NOT fishing around for buyers or looking to find a price for material I intend to resell... I am buying these rims for myself and only want to be able to offer the present owner what is fair.


Bob Hovey
Columbus, GA