RE: [CR]Reflections upon hitting the eBay Century mark (100 feedbacks)

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Subject: RE: [CR]Reflections upon hitting the eBay Century mark (100 feedbacks)
Date: Fri, 07 Feb 2003 16:16:40 +0000

Thomas R. Adams, Jr., pondered thusly:


I guess I can no longer claim to be a casual e-bayer. And over 90% of these feedbacks are for buying bicycle items.


Of course I'm small potatoes compared to many list members, who are up into 4 digits. But it's time to admit that this bike thing is no longer a casual hobby. Hobby still, but not casual.

<and snip>

Should I be concerned? Am I out of control? Is this all good for me? Who cares! There's a new bike to put together and the Monson swap meet to prep for. Come on up, and see what I've bought! I think I've still got most of it. And you can buy it from me, so I can go back and buy more stuff!


I'm having the same sort of thoughts. I dreamt the other night that my youngest daughter scored me an NOS Raleigh RA at Value Village--quite a feat, given that she's five years old. I'm not even sure what an RA is, but I woke with the shakes nonetheless. I've been scouting the thrift stores of three counties ever since.

You folks have definitely snuck into my psyche. If the list has increased my desire to spend money on bikes I don't need, it also has me riding more, with a greater appreciation for the machine and its lore. I could also "attaboy" all the wonderful people with whom I've had conversations and who have sold me those unneeded but lusted-after components for great prices, but I guess I'd better refrain.

On another note, I have a project underway and will be putting forward requests for the obscure as my budget allows. This week's holy grail is the longest of longshots: I'm seeking a left-hand (front der.) shifter from a Modolo Kronos set.

Kris Green
Fog now, sun promised
Olympia, Washington